YII Development

Yii Development Services to Develop High Performance PHP Frameworks

Yii Application is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern for quick development. Using YII framework has various benefits.It has an availability of AJAX-enabled widgets. Complexity of writing repetitive SQL statements can be avoided. It has set of validates and also have numerous helper methods and widgets that simplifies the task for form input and validation

You will get professionally designed and robust custom software whether it’s a web application, website, eCommerce or other system

Pixeleto has a team of adroit developers who has a rich portfolio in Yii development. The team has attained great success by developing many projects with multifaceted requirements of different business verticals.

Key Benefits of YII Framework

  • MVC Design Pattern
  • Automated Code Generation
  • Code Reusability
  • Excellent performance in small to large scale development
  • Customizable and Extensible code
  • Error-free Third party code support
  • Security
  • Easy URL configuration
  • Ajax enabled widgets
  • Layered Caching
  • Impressive Error Handling and Logging
  • Superior database operational and migration support