Complexities Involved while Outsourcing WordPress Design and Development

As a designer while creating sites for your customers, you are surely in a tussle with one particular thing. And that is following up with what is going on in the WordPress sphere, to ensure that your websites continue to remain in-tune with the up-to-the-minute benchmarks and modernized trends in WordPress design and development.


Really speaking, this is not a simple task to manage,WordPress is a very widespread tool with an extremely active community that comes up with innovative solutions factually by every single day. So if you want to continue keeping your design and development fresh, you need to follow the latest WordPress updates and upgrades to keep it activated.

However, often we don’t have time and resources to maintain this activity and the most apparent tactic to come out of this is to hire an outsourcer or an outsourcing company to get the required job be done.

Can this be the resolution for you? Let’s discover it out.

Outsourcing WordPress in the present day

Outsourcing is a thought provoking concept and is enormously widespread in major industries. Jobs outsourcing assists companies to be more viable in the worldwide marketplace. It keeps resource costs low by hiring in developing markets. And a large part of this outsourcing materializes in the IT business sector with approx. 45 percent of jobs being outsourced majorly to China and India.

Outsourcing objectives and market challenges

So its clear companies only outsource the tasks that can be done more economically by someone else, in contrast to their in-house technical or business team.

So the challenge remains to achieve the similar thing with your WordPress tasks being outsourced. However, anything you get outsourced, not only needs to be executed in a cost efficient manner, but also be of good quality and has to be delivered on time.

Along with this, it’s also important to have a contract and a work-sheet prepared, with very precise objectives and goals to be achieved being clearly listed.

Here are top 3 feasible objectives that can be set for outsourcing WordPress work

Spend X% less time on WordPress tasks without any beating on quality and final outcome.

Build a longstanding business relationship with a particular outsourcer or a company.

Dedicate X% of the complete project’s costing to outsourcing, wherein you can outsource partial part of the job and still continue making upright profits.

What types of WordPress tasks/work can be outsourced?

  • Full PSD-to-WordPress conversion right from the initiation to the completion of the work. You provide them PSDs; they give you PHPs.
  • WordPress set-up and the installation tasks. They seem to be simple, however when to be done for multiple sites it can take much time to a roll out.
  • Maintaining security of the WordPress websites. There are enormous development going on in WordPress security areas presently. Some of the tasks like having new plugins can lead to security issues. Outsourcing or having someone to manage the sites that you earlier come up with could be a decent idea.
  • Executing manual code twists to facilitate custom functionalities. There is always some or the other thing that your client needs, however that’s not simply done with having plugins. It needs someone to manage it.
  • Support for WordPress problems. Having a capable person who can just swiftly answer the clients’ queries or questions.

How to manage WordPress outsourcing?

Outsource just one time tasks and see the results before giving more work

It requires a small investment and you can check-out or test the outsourcer’s work abilities. It is simple enough to single out minor WordPress tasks from the larger project. However, the failure rate is high with this option.

Working with a good freelancer on ongoing tasks, can be the other option

Youcan shape a relationship with a particular person and regularly communicate on what type of work you anticipate from them in what time period. It is reasonably priced and there are a great number of freelancers available in the market following the WordPress development communities.

Every successive project gradually involves a lesser amount of resistance in terms of overall management and the quality delivery of work you presume. However, finding the right person for this job is difficult and can take time.

There is always a learning curve involved on both sides to comprehend each other.

Working with a company and probably entering in a partnership

probability of getting quality work done is on the higher side. There
is timely work delivery with expertise involved. The selection of a
right partner, the required commitment and the higher costing can be
some of the barriers.

With the subject to the money and time you
can manage to invest, and how self-assured you feel about your work
management and delegation expertise, you can take an informed decision
to go forward with one of the above three paths that appear like the
most appropriate for you.

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